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There were two bulletproof vests and 27 guns in total: seven rifles, two shotguns, and 18 handguns including the Beretta I always kept on me. Kimber had 460 rounds of assorted cartridges. I spent most of the following two days pretending to plan with her and waiting for my package to arrive from Chicago.

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He wears a bulletproof vest under his shirt, the car windows are tinted past the point of visibility, and he’s driven across town by a plainclothes agent. Two more follow in their own unmarked car, and Eddie waits in the hallway of his building for their arrival, making sure it’s all clear before Buck hops out of the car and books it upstairs.

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Perhaps the most unconventional and literally breathtaking father-son story you'll ever read, My Friend Leonard pulls you immediately and deeply into a relationship as unusual as it is inspiring. The father figure is Leonard, the high-living, recovering coke addict "West Coast Director of a large Italian-American finance firm" (read: mobster) who helped to keep James Frey clean in A Million ...

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They should've poisoned Bozo's morphine drip and tapioca pudding when they had the chance because he would definitely break out of the nuthouse again before the end of the year. It was inevitable. Gotham just wasn't Gotham without at least one jailbreak or riot a year, whether it was at Blackgate Prison, the Alpena Youth Facility or Arkham Asylum.

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Lisa shared an image of a drip in her arm and captioned the post: '@nhsengland this is a madness, I’m on morphine for the pain but all 7 hours later no one has even spoken to me.'

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Case 2: Rosie’s distress • 88 yo great-grandmother with end-stage pulmonary fibrosis, renal insufficiency. • “CMO” and morphine drip was started to treat her dyspnea – then sent home with hospice. Please help! She is moaning, agitated, in pain even when we touch her lightly. Other times, we can’t wake her up. 51.

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Midazolam morphine sedation • Preparation • Morphine 30mg (3ml) + midazolam (dormicum) 30mg (6ml) • Dilute with 21ml NS in 50ml syringe • Rate : 1ml/hr = 1mg of midazolam and morphine • Dose • Bolus dose may be required for faster effect, followed by infusion dose • Infusion dose : 3mg / hr (3ml/hr) • To titrate to desired ...

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01 – Aura Drip 02 – 5k 03 – Amazed 04 – Glowed Up 05 – Dressed to Kill 06 – Reset 07 – Deals 08 – Stunna 09 – That’s on You ... Bulletproof Fed Call 7. Bulletproof Soul 8. From The Heart ft. ToneSpliff 9. Love Of My Life 10. Avirex 11. Monoatomic Gold. ONE (2018) 01 – Spectacular 02 – Most Recognized

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He ignored it as best he could, desperately hoping as he dragged his fingers just under the detective’s collar bone, on the fringe of the bullet proof vest under her shirt. He grazed the mashed metal of the bullet against the mesh. She was breathing. Her soul was still strongly anchored under his hand. She’s alive. She’s alive. Thank Dad…

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Rap Pack – 910 Tracks Best songs – [29-Jul-2021] Alias – Digits (feat. Yung C) MP3. Alias – The Life That I Live (feat. TEE) MP3. Alias – Weight Of My Word (feat. Scumro) MP3. Babyface Ray – …

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"Hey, Soul Sister" - not particularly made better by the fact that Pat Monahan was writing about what he thought Burning Man would look like. Syd Barrett's lyrics started changing from psychedelic fairy tales to word salad towards the end of his tenure with Pink Floyd , and this continued through his solo work.

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Cancer stories (people helping people through experience) It’s a group where people’s experiences are used to encourage others. Everything you read, are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. People share with others, if it meant something to you, it will to someone.

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The morphine pain killers caused severe constipation and I was vomiting most nights at 2 am. I had laboured breathing and I could not get out of bed before lunchtime. Palliative care provided a portable bed post to be able to sit upright and a urine bottle to use whilst in the bed.