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german helmet decal POLIZEI unbordered. german helmet decal POLIZEI unbordered ultra high quality reproduction, background foil silver, dose of resin glue offered. available !! 14,00 €. available !! Add to cart More. Add to Wishlist. 14,00 € Out of stock.

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german helmet decal SS 2nd pattern. helmet decal German SS, 2nd pattern. high quality reproduction, with typical white metallic background. In Stock. 10,00 €. In Stock. Add to cart More. Add to Wishlist. 10,00 € Out of stock.

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Introduction Reproduction decals have been available since the seventies and perhaps earlier. The first generation reproduction decals were merely a representation of the original. Graphically completely incorrect. In the last 15 years in large part due to the internet collectors have gained so much knowledge on helmet decals. We know exactly how many different types…

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RESTORED WW2 HELMETS As worn by Weacht and SS forces of Hitler’s Germany 1935-1945. “ In the field of restored helmets, you will find no match to the results of the painstaking research and experience that goes into the helmets offered here. I offer the following helmets: – “ Factory-new ” restored helmets (Original helmet shells restored to appear just as they came …

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Aged German WW2 Luftwaffe Helmet Decal Early War $ 5.99. Quick View. Compare. Add to cart. Aged German WW2 SS Helmet Decal Late War $ 5.99. Quick View. Compare. Add to cart. Aged WW2 German Herr Weacht Eagle Decal $ 5.99. Quick View. Compare. Add to cart. Aged WW2 German Luftwaffe Helmet Decal Late War $ 5.99.

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- Welcome to our eBay store! Our high quality pre-aged helmet decals are suitable for all types of helmet restoration. Use this space to tell other eBay Members about yourself and what you’re passionate about.

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Product Code: 841. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Compare. Categories: German, Helmet Decals. Description. WW2 German SS Helmet Decal Early War. Aged for the “Veteran” look. Water Transfer Just like the Original.

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Item 872 M35 Re-issued Ex-DD army helmet helmet. This helmet started out life as a double decal army. In 1940 it was painted over entirely on the exterior with both decals covered. A Heer eagle decal was then applied at wearers left. The decal rates at 95% with the brushed paint remaining 95% intact with only minor scuffs.

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SOLD: M35 Single Decal Kriegsmarine Helmet. SOLD: M35 Ex Double Decal SS Helmet. SOLD: M35 Camo Heer Helmet. SOLD: Early Army Belt. SOLD: MP40 Submachine gun. SOLD: Early K98 combat bayonet and scabbard. SOLD: MG 34. SOLD: M40 Single Decal Combat Medic’s Helmet. SOLD: M35 Double Decal Heer with Allied Net (Army)

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German Helmet Decals Price $5 pair "Should I put both my decals on?" Depends on what time frame and what look you are going for. Here's the rules for German decals: * Use both decals if you are doing a pre-war or early-war helmet. After experience in Poland and France, an order in 1940 called for the removal and omission of future tri-color ...

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Fake German helmets are too new and clean. Fake German helmets exhibit a very distinctive metallic look. An original decal normally will show the same texture as the helmet as they were very thin, and snuggled into the surface. The original Heer, Waffen SS, and Kriegsmarine decals are either lacquer or water slide. Fraud artists will try to age ...



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I forgot to mention to stay away from a site called! The decals sold on this site are really bad! They are so called pre-aged but it's just a print, no real aging! The decals melt when you want to apply them to your helmet with laquer/glue.

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German Helmet Decals for sale from WW2 and WWI at International Military Antiques. Shopping Cart (0 ) View cart "Close Cart" Account. 0 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $200+ NATION. BRITISH MILITARIA. British Antique Guns. SHOP ALL British Antique Guns. British Machine Guns. SHOP ALL British ...

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German Army Paratrooper M37 Helmet Decals: The decals in this section demonstrates them being used on a reproduction M37 Model German Para Helmet with M38 Fittings. The steps below show how the new helmet is given a 'old' lease of life by the application of two pre-aged Army helmet decals and then some light ageing to the helmet.

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German Helmet Decals - Wet Transfer. Sort By: Quick view Compare Add to Cart The item has been added. SA Feldherrnhalle German Helmet Decal $2.99. Quick view Compare Add to Cart The item has been added. SS Totenkopf German Helmet Decal $5.99. Quick view ...

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SS 2nd pattern german helmet decal, look old. reproduction german helmet decal SS, unaplied on yellowed paper, look old. Out of stock. 16,90 €. Out of stock.

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LUFTWAFFE LATE PATTERN HELMET DECAL PRE-AGED . $10.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. GERMAN SA RUNES & EAGLE HELMET DECAL . $4.95. Add to Cart ... GERMAN HEER DRY TRANSFER HELMET DECAL . $5.00. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. NATIONAL TRICOLOR GERMAN WWII DRY TRANSFER ...

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Military Helmet decals. £6.95. German Military Helmet decal sheet. These German WWII decals are taken from original designs. 9 pairs of water slide transfers for the German steel helmet consisting of: 2 Pairs Army, 3 Pairs S.S. 2 Pairs Luftwaffe and 2 Pairs Police. Very slightly translucent to give a nice subdued finish when applied to the helmet.


This is an original German WWII helmet shell restored with the correct colored paint and decal. The shell is original and has no cracks, rust or dents. The liner and chin strap are both aged …

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Heer Decals. Huber Jordan u. Koerner (aka Thin winged decal) – Factory and Re-issue decal. Like the Pocher decal below , this decal has seen widespread use and can be found on many different configurations. Both EF and NS factories used this decal on their M35 , M40 and M42 helmets. You will also find this decal on many transitional helmets.

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A Very Nice WWII Single Decal M40 Navy Helmet. This is an excellent M40 SD navy helmet made by Quist. It is a size 64 and I think the lot number is DN 442? Anyway its a rare unmessed with WWII German navy helmet with almost of its decal intact. This is top condition piece that any collector would be proud to own!

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Very lightly aged and worn reproduction German Army Officer Visor Cap. £149 + £5.90 UK P&P. M36 Model German Paratrooper Helmet : Is based on a very rare M36 model shell, but has been modified using M38 liner and of course early pattern spanner bolts. It has the early Army (Heer), Eagle and National Colour's decals.

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1) Cut out you decals as close to the decal as possible. 2) Wet down the area on the helmet you plan to put the decal on with decal setting solution or water. Soak the decals in water till the decal can easily slide off. 3) Carefully slide the decals off the paper and onto the helmet, being careful not to rip them.

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Hi, looking at the area where the decal was "uncovered" there seem to be the smallest remnants of black decal visible which would back up this having once been a double decal Polizei helmet. When the over paint was added is anyone's guess as it does not look like a standard grey from these images but that may just be the light. Leon.

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German helmet (Stahlhelm) M16, M17, M18. Model M16, as its marking says, started being produced in the 3 rd Reich in 1916 and was actively used by the Germans in WW1. M16 was made of a solid steel sheet with a forged method. M16 has a recognizable form - it has a large peak and a neck- flap, also there were so called “horns” on the side of ...