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BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests offers a great level IIIA bulletproof vest for just $299 with Free Shipping. BulletSafe is the best value in body armor. BulletSafe manufactures bulletproof vests, ballistic plates. bulletproof backpack panels, shields, bandanas, gas masks, and bulletproof baseball caps.

THOR Gen.2 Armor Carrier Vest - 365+ Tactical Equipment

- Padded shoulder straps with anti-slip lining - Fixation loops for cables and hydration tubes - Molle loops in front, back and sides - Large Velcro area in front - Weight of only 1,7 kg Twaron IIIA+ Specification: Ballistic resistance IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04 - 9 mm Luger, weight 8.2 g, speed 436 m/s - .44 RM SJHP, 15.6 g, speed 436 m/s

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Steel Plates. For steel trauma plates, rated up to III-A, factors such as the grade of steel, thickness, and angle of interception all factor into its effectiveness. There is no easy answer on what thickness of steel stops a bullet. Most ballistic plates begin at 1/2” thickness and move up depending on the anticipated threat.

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At just .6” thick and only 1.2 lbs. for the 7” x 9” speed plate, the Duritium III ICW (In Conjunction With) body armor plate give you the protection you need and the weight you want. The Duritium III ICW (Advanced In Conjunction) plate offers full Level III rifle protection when used in conjunction with Level IIIA soft body armor.

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Everyday Armor T-Shirt with Level IIIA Armor Inserts. 2 reviews. $259.95 $279.95. Core Plate Carrier w/ Level IIIA Cummerbund Armor. 7 reviews. $399.95 $549.95. STRATIS Level III+ Enhanced Plate. 15 reviews. $389.95.

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British OD Ballistic Nylon Fragmentation Flak Vest Body Armor Small style M-52. This is an one (1) Pc Vietnam Authentic U.K. M-52 Armor vest in good condition. It's made of heavy-duty nylon ballistic material on the inside to protect from shrapnel. Velcro®closure front and 2 …

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BulletSafe Ballistic Plates are Brand New and offer Level IV protection when used in conjunction with the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. Adding ballistic plates to your Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest gives you the highest level of protection available. Just 5.7 lbs and $169. Free Shipping, Immediate Shipment.

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Buy Nij Iiia Iii Iv Bulletproof Vest With Ceramic Ballistic Armor Plate Certifications: Yes at Price 138 USD/Piece in Hongkong, Hong Kong. Nij Iiia Iii Iv Bulletproof Vest With Ceramic Ballistic Armor Plate offered by __COMPANY_NAME __ is available with Supply Ability, Certifications and trade infomation.

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Terrier Body Armor Plate Carrier- Camo. $ 94.00 – $ 439.00. Select options. Wishlist. AR500 Anti Spall and Trauma Pad Sleeve Package. $ 40.00. Select options. Wishlist. Level 3 AR500 Body Armor Plates …

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They are lightweight ballistic plates that are easy to deploy, and they provide outstanding life-saving protection, making a great addition to one’s survival kit. Key Features: Standard 10” x 12” Level IV plate with single-curve shooter’s cut configuration, making it easy to deploy in a wide variety of plate carriers.

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A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic vest or a bullet-resistant vest, is an item of body armor that helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the torso from firearm-fired projectiles and fragmentation from explosions. The vest may come in a soft form, as worn by many police officers, prison guards, security guards and some private citizens.

Blast & Forced Entry Door – FE60 – Energy Gold Ltd

The ballistic plate also meets the requirements of the UL 752 standard, protection level 4. Blast Resistance – The door was tested with a blast of 150psi and an impulse of 200psi/msec. Forced Entry Resistance : The door is certified by H.P. White Labs in accordance with the standards and procedures of SD – STD – 01.01 revisions G (amended)

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6" x 6" Level 4 Level 4 MIL DTL Ballistic Plate with Polyurea Anti-Spall coating. $75.00. Details. Free Shipping! 10" x 12" Level 4 MIL DTL Ballistic Plate with Polyurea Anti-Spall coating. $169.00. Details. Free Shipping! 8" x 10" Level 4 Level 4 MIL DTL Ballistic Plate with Polyurea Anti-Spall coating.

Mira Safety Tactical Level IV Body Armor Plate - 10x12

MIRA Safety is proud to introduce the MIRA Tactical product line and debut a line of 5.9 pound lightweight Level IV body armor. It’s designed to stop multiple impacts from armor-piercing ammunition. Tested to NIJ standards at a US-based laboratory,

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Legacy Armor Level III Hard Plate NIJ 0101.06 compliant. Only 3.3 lbs in 10” x 12” Standard Shooters Cut Level III rated Ergonomic Single Curvature Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable 1.3” Thick Profile Positive Buoyancy UHMWPE ballistic core construction Durable Nylon proactive cover Edge impact padding 5 Year Shelf Life Assembled in USA

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Second Chance body armor level IIIa with soft ballistic panels and the ceramic strike plates The vest is woodlawn. And has shows some wear, mainly where the large ceramic plates have worn in their pockets The 10x12 plates are in great shape.

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Kejo Limited Company is Registered as a supplier to the US Government and Law enforcement agencies . Our ever expanding range of products assist all law enforcement agencies, and military personnel in their ever increasing fight against Crime and world terrorism .

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8" x 10" Level 4 Level 4 MIL DTL Ballistic Plate with Polyurea Anti-Spall coating. $159.00. Details. Free Shipping! 11X14 LEVEL 3+ POLYETHYLENE PLATE. $349.00. Details. Free Shipping! 10X12 LEVEL 4 CERAMIC ALUMINA SHOOTERS CUT.

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Whelen. Whelen ION Hood and Universal Mount LED Light Head. $132.29. $95.99. See Options. Quick view. Setina. Setina Push Bar Brush Guard PB400 for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Security, fits Sedans SUVs Trucks and Vans. $556.77.

Low Pro Plate Carrier – Protect The Force

The Low Profile plate carrier is a simple and lightweight carrier designed for SAPI/ESAPI/Shooter cut plates. It can be worn with or without custom cut soft armor inserts. The cummerbund on the Low Profile PC is a standard basic cummerbund with MOLLE webbing and is …

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Body armor shields the wearer from the ballistic impact of a handgun or rifle round, leaving a bruise where a life-threatening injury may have occurred. Every day, lives are saved by the tactical protection that bulletproof plates afford. At Body Armor Megastore, we believe that protection is an investment that pays great dividends.

AR500 Armor Side Plate Pair - 6"x 8" -

Our ballistic steel plate is unmatched in the industry and is formulated and treated specifically to our specifications for improved consistency, durability, and then tested to NIJ standards. Our ballistic plate core is stress fracture resistant, features an ultra-low profile of only .25”, and is designed to handle extreme abuse in day to day ...

Guardian 3i7m ICW sa3920 - HighCom Armor

Ultra-lightweight, the Guardian 3i7m ICW sa3920™ is manufactured using XTclave™ a composite curing and consolidation technology. The 3i7m plate stops Level III+ rifle threats when worn in conjunction with the Trooper sa3920™ Level IIIA soft armor or the Trooper sa2910™ Level II soft armor.

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AR500 Armor The Phoenix Armored Backpack Ships ready to use - Buy it. Wear it. Survive. That simple. Built-in Body armor. Seamlessly integrated and fully concealed The Phoenix Armored Backpack is built to stop the bullets used in 95% of gun related homicides at a total weight of under 3lbs.

Level 3+ Body Armor | AR500 Armor of the Armored Republic

level-3-plus-body-armor. $99.00. Made with slightly harder AR650 steel than our Level III plates and able to stop special threats of greater strength and speed, the Level III+ is a rugged plate that is able to stop military armor-piercing rounds at velocities of up to 3,100 FPS with its multi-hit capability. The Level III+ also features durable ...

Level III Body Armor Rifle Plates - Ace Link Armor

Level 3A armor is also what many ballistic helmets are rated for, and what most concealable vest are rated to. Level 3A Soft Armor is not a jack of all trades though, unless the armor is upped with anti-stab protection, the user is still vulnerable to slashing and stabbing motions.

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flex9armor shirt Co-patented with US Army The Flex9Armor Shirt is the law enforcement equivalent of the US Army's Ballistic Combat Shirt. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE! No attachments needed The Flex9Armor Shirt is worn under your tactical or plate carrier setup. With our special threat tested ballistic panels, the large-siz

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Lightweight Properties: Our collection of ballistic plates with level 4 certification is extremely lightweight and offers a tactical advantage. With our Level 4 ballistic plates, you can move your body freely and quickly in times of need. Water Resistant Nature: The armors are water resistant. Therefore, they do not soak the water up, unlike ...

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Indestructible Protection. Arma Coatings has been recognized by the security and defense industry for unmatched blast mitigation technology. As leaders in polyurea product development, we have formulated protective coatings approved for many military applications.. Body Armor

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Global Leader in Thermoplastic Panel Solutions. For over 50 years, Palram has continually pushed the limits of thermoplastic technology to solve emerging market challenges. Today, our products are used in countless applications around the world – from stadiums and airports to agricultural facilities, commercial buildings, and private residences.

Active Shooter Response (ASR) Vest Kit -Black | bullet1

IN STOCK READY TO SHIP Active Shooter Response (ASR) Vest Kit Includes:• MOLLE (Active Shooter Response (ASR) Plate Carrier Vest)Black• Double Rifle/Pistol Pouch "As Shown in Image"• MOLLE Tourniquet Holder "Black with Red TQ" As shown in image.OPTIONAL UPGRADES UPON CHECK OUT•NIJ Certified Level IV Armor Piercing Protection 10”x12” HardArmor Torso Plates …

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Bulletproof Plates, Panels, Shields. Choose from our different styles of ballistic plates to find the right body armor for you. All of them offer great protection. Choose ceramic ballistic plates if you want a lightweight plate for a great price. Choose the Alpha Plate if you want the lightest plate …

Protective Armor

The strength and versatility of Dyneema® make it ideal for a wide range of ballistic armor solutions, including soft armor, hard armor helmets and frag knits. Soft Armor. Soft armor made with Dyneema® is up to 35% lighter than aramid materials, without compromising on protection. Learn more.