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Regulations published in 1779 establish the Army uniform as blue with colored facings based on region: white for New England; red for the Mid-Atlantic; and blue for the South. Musicians wore uniform coats in reverse colors. In 1782, blue coats faced red became standard for everyone except generals and staff officers.

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The Galactic Empire consolidated several large organizations into the Imperial Military apparatus, and implemented a coded set of Imperial military uniforms to make discerning an individual's affiliation a simple process. The Imperial Service Uniforms consisted of a pair of trousers, overfold tunic, and cover, along with standard black plast-leather belt, gloves and boots. Branches received ...

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Nurses’ Uniform from the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting 1. Gray cotton crepe dress worn with white pique collar and cuffs, cap, and brassard. It was the indoor uniform for nurses in foreign service. Figure 1 2. In gray chambray it was the uniform of the Red Cross public health nurse, both for summer and winter and in and out of ...

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New uniforms in steel gray for tank crews and blue for air force officers completed the first major redesign of Red Army uniforms. By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union of 7 May 1940, the rank of General was awarded to those General Officers who had the good fortune to survive the purges of 1937 and 1938.

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Military personnel are authorized to use three types of American flag patches. These are the full-color flag, subdued flag and infrared flag patches. The discretion for wearing any of these types depends upon the commander of the unit. Full color flags consisting of red, white and blue colors with gold trim are most often worn for garrison duty.

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Uniforms and clothing worn by Union and Confederate Soldiers During the Civil War. The two sides are often referred to by the color of their official uniforms, blue for the Union, gray for the Confederates. Uniforms at the beginning of the Civil War, however, showed greater variety than would be …

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August 16, 2017 by Rebecca Beatrice Brooks. In the early days of the war, Civil War soldiers, both the Union and the Confederates wore a variety of uniforms in many different colors such as blue, red, gray, white and even tartan. There was no standardization of uniforms at the time and there was a lack of central organization to implement such ...

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The Uniforms of the Confederate States military forces were the uniforms used by the Confederate Army and Navy during the American Civil War, from 1861 to 1865. The uniform initially varied greatly due to a variety of reasons, such as location, limitations on the supply of cloth and other materials, State regulations that were different from the standard regulations, and the cost of materials ...

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Combat uniforms from left to right: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force. This is a bare-bones comparison of basic military uniforms. Without going into all the different combinations of dinner dress uniforms, ceremonial uniforms, PT uniforms or badges. As always, there are variations between uniforms for enlisted members and Officers.

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Royal Aiguillettes are of plain gold, naval aiguillettes are of blue and gold, army aiguillettes are of red and gold, air force aiguillettes of light blue and gold. The Governor-General of Australia, as the Commander in Chief of the Australian Defence Force , is entitled to wear a uniform on which an Aiguillette made of platinum is worn.

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FIELD GREY WARTIME UNIFORM. From September 1st 1939 until the end of the Second World war, Hitler decided to wear exclusively the field grey uniform of the German army, because he considered himself as the first soldier. He did even wear this official uniform in his private life (there are no photos of him in civil or NSDAP uniform during WW2).

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The field-gray uniform of the Weacht was a further development of the German uniform used during World War One.The final form of this uniform was introduced in several steps from 1935 onward. In the German army there were two kinds of uniform: standard uniforms, which were issued by the Weacht, or from the wearer personally at their own or state-cost tailor-made uniforms.

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The cadet gray, light blue and various trim colors (red, yellow, light blue and dark blue) were also superceded by a single basic uniform color of gray. The clothing bureau settled on a loosely-defined jacket pattern that allowed for local improvisation based upon what materials a local quartermaster might have had available.

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Irish DPM comprises black, earth brown and olive drab on pale olive grey base. A 3-color pattern first used in 1929, thus the world's first pattern-printed camouflage military uniform. The name simply means "camouflage cloth". Arctic variant of Vegetato Camouflage.

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The uniform for the Corps of Artillery, which was formed in 1777, included red trimmings. The plume on the hat was also red. Except for a short period at the beginning of the 1800's when yellow was combined with it, scarlet has been the color of the Artillery throughout the history of the branch.

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Color poster showing the insignia, patches, hats and uniforms of the German army. The poster features two figures: one is a German soldier wearing the gray-green wool field uniform and the other is a German soldier wearing the olive cotton tropical (Afrika Korps) uniform. Also depicted are the national emblems worn on headgear.

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Redcoat. Perhaps the most famous item of dress in the British Military is the historic Red Coat as worn by most regiments of the British Army between the 17th and 20th centuries. Although many believe that the iconic red colour was adopted as a way to disguise blood stains, it is actually due to the fact that, during the 17th century, red dye ...

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This of course was also true of the dress of the Continental Army, for both officers and the rank and file. Evidently the blue and red uniform prescribed by Congress was not to the liking of all officers, for a group of captains, including John Paul Jones, met in Boston in 1777 and agreed upon a new dress.

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Simplicity gives the Army uniform some kick to outperform the predecessors. The Army Service Uniform (ASU), in particular, brings forth some finery with its class A’s and class B’s, to be worn on varying occasions. There’s a lot of sh*t on Army uniforms to get together. 2. Navy


MILITARY NURSES - IDENTIFYING UNIFORM ***** ... As for the Nursing Sister except there were no grey/red bands worn on the sleeves of the dress. ** CIVIL HOSPITAL RESERVE The Civil Hospital Reserve was formed in 1910 to supplement the nursing services in military hospitals in wartime.

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The Army is a profession. By wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army, Soldiers follow the legacy of those who served before them. Our uniforms embody the professionalism and commitment to the Army ...